With this special newsletter today, we want to acknowledge, honour and celebrate all the incredible ‘Women of Tattersalls’,

We interviewed Grace to showcase her remarkable journey.

Grace Aulakh

Q1. Please share your current occupation and industry. 

Cyber Security Manager at LEAP

Q2. Would you consider your current role your biggest achievement? If not then please share what you are most proud of achieving.

It would be extremely hard for me to call the many blessings in my life “my achievements” because I have always been surrounded by great people like Malcolm and Damo who helped me finish my first marathon. 

Q3. What does the idea of gender equity mean to you? 

I love the help, support and mentorship opportunities I have been offered and would like to extend the same to anyone seeking to grow their cyber security career. Equity is best achieved by offering everyone an opportunity to grow.

Q4. Is there a time when you were overlooked, disadvantaged or deprived of an opportunity (in your personal life or in your career) because of your gender?

In my experience, most powerful people welcome the opportunity to be able to guide and mentor young people who wish to learn from them.

Q5. Which women do you admire the most and why?

My mom because she is kind and generous even when I am not.

Q6. Could you please tell us a bit about your journey at Tattersalls (how you joined the Club, your experience at the Club in terms of gender equity etc.)

My experience at Tattersalls has been nothing but positive. The members, management and staff have always made me feel like I am part of the club.