The Hanrahan- Glover cup is named after the two members who used to attend just about our every group fitness class. This prestigious cup is awarded annually to recognise the Member who participates in the most classes in the last four weeks leading up to the Members’ Christmas party.

The challenge this year starts from Wednesday 16 November to Wednesday 14 December, where online as well as offline group fitness class participation will be taken into account and the winner will be announced at the annual Tattersalls Christmas Party held this year on Thursday 15 December.

With the world’s greatest relay tying into the timing, we will also be awarding daily points to those who have signed up to take part in the relay.

Over the years this award has been won by various Members but last year it was won by none other than Mike Hanrahan, the legend after which this cup is named.

This award shows that participation can lead to great things, and one of those great things is the Hanrahan Glover cup itself.

With counting starting from Wednesday 16 November, there has never been a better time to start joining our group classes and earning those valuable votes.

Click here to view our weekly timetable schedule.

To get involved with the cup, or to reserve your spot in any of the classes (which we highly recommended you do so you don’t miss out on the points) please email the team at