By F&B’s Esmond Kwan

Crème Caramel is a traditional South American dessert.

Put simply, it’s wonderfully baked custard goodness with a delicious caramel sauce. Head Chef Fernando inherited this recipe from his grandmother, so while it remains a heavily guarded secret, you can now enjoy the dish right here at Tattersalls.

What Fernando did tell me though is that he made the caramel sauce from scratch. Through intensive labour, there are two points to watch when making crème caramel:

First, the caramel must be allowed to turn a deep brown, almost to the point of burning – too pale and it will taste sweet with no caramel flavour; too dark and it will be bitter.

Secondly, the custard mixture should be cooked until it is only just set, otherwise, you will lose that magical melting-snow effect in the mouth.

Pair this new dessert with a glass of our 2016 Tahbilk Estate Cane Cut Marsanne, and you can turn your meal into a grand finale.

To enjoy this dish, please contact the team at to make a booking in the Members’ dining room.