The Club’s vision is to be a Club of Consequence harnessing the connecting power of community, sport, culture and wellbeing.

The Club’s mission is to be a gathering place for members to make great things happen, not only in the clubhouse but within our city and nation. We aspire to exceed the expectations of our members and create the best opportunities for collaboration, engagement, health and wellbeing.

The Club’s purpose is to provide members with premium experiences so that they can achieve their best as individuals and within the Club and community. Club involvement in sport, wellness and cultural activities gives members the opportunity to gather, connect and contribute to the broader community.

“A club of any consequence must be more than a place of comfort and of good cheer merely for a section of its citizens. Outside their essential privileges, beyond that inner world of men and affairs, a club should fill its place adequately in the life of the community. The public should view it as a part of the scheme of things. All isn’t bricks and cold detachment. Within a heart is beating.

So does a club by deed, and example, win its finer form of recognition among the people. Tattersalls Club is known to the public as an institution of public worth; and its continued welfare is naturally something for which the public in all circumstances should wish.”

— Tattersalls Club Chairman, William Hill, October, 1939

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