Honor et Amicitia or Honor and Friendship not only represents Tattersalls’ core values but is now also the mission behind our World’s Greatest Relay event.

At our Athletic Department, we have built onto the tradition of ending the year by hosting Tattersalls’ biggest fitness event which includes relays, marathons etc.

With this greatly benefiting our Members’ health and fitness, it’s also hosted as a fundraiser to support the most significant causes that impact our society.

Two years ago the Club replicated the New York Marathon, which was organised with the aim of reconnecting our Members and celebrating normality as we were coming out of lockdown.

For this event, the Club partnered with the Bear Cottage. This foundation does the noble work of providing support, respite and end-of-life care for children with life-limiting options and their families, in a warm homelike environment. Bear Cottage was in desperate need of help at the time since their funding had been slashed due to covid.

We are so glad to announce that in 2020, our Members were able to raise over $3000 in a time span of five days for the Club’s New York marathon event, which helped make a huge difference in the lives of the children at the hospital.

Unfortunately, Bear Cottage and its services are still needed to this day. That’s why this year we have once again partnered up with Bear Cottage foundation for our World’s Greatest Relay event to help make a difference.

Check out this link below to see what the Bear Foundation does.

To participate in this relay, each member will be charged $50 (this is considered a tax deduction) with all funds raised going directly to the Bear Cottage foundation. As in previous years, members who wish to sponsor another member or make a donation to this organisation are encouraged to reach out to Malcolm directly.

The structure of this relay is as follows:

  • Everyday we will be starting at 06:00 and each event will go on for 45 minutes (as far as you and your team can go)
  • Day 1 Cycling 500mts
  • Day 2 Swimming 50mts and rowing 300mts (due to the number of participants, we have to split this challenge into different groups)
  • Day 3 running Hyde Park loop 300mts
  • Day 4 Swimming 50mts and rowing 300mts (due to the number of participants, we have to split this challenge into different groups)
  • Day 5 mystery triathlon

We are pleased to announce that we are at 95% participation capacity with only very limited spots left. Thus we encourage the Members interested in this event to contact the team at athletic@tattersallsclub.org to RSVP at the earliest possible.

Please note that the World’s Greatest Relay celebration lunch will be held at 12:30 Friday 2 December in the dining room with a set menu and our premium beverage package, please contact the AD for more details.

Furthermore, for those who have already registered for the event, a reminder to let the AD know if there are any injuries or restrictions that we need to be aware of for our planning purposes.