There is nothing like an ice, cold…. Bath. Keen eyes have seen the team, testing, preparing and refining a curious activity not for the faint hearted.

Taking ice baths is a practice that has been around since, well the ice ages. Even in civilizations that typically used hot water for bathing, people occasionally immersed themselves in freezing cold water. The reason is that ice baths are linked to several health benefits. Unsurprisingly, nowadays people still use ice baths to increase their health and overall well-being.

There are many proven benefits of taking an ice bath, mainly being:

  1. Eases sore and aching muscles
  2. Helps your central nervous system
  3. Limits the inflammatory response after exercise
  4. Decreases the effects of heat and humidity and finally trains your Vagus nerve which can help you deal with flight or fight more adequately.

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If the idea of a cold plunge excites, scares or just makes you curious contact the Athletic Team at to register for what will be one of the most exclusive and honoured of the Clubs within the Club. Details are being meticulously refined but you could be the founding member of the yet to be named Shackleton’s, Icefolk or Northerners.

April awaits!