Duck has many classic culinary partners, and sherry is one of them. the wine structure compliments the complexity of the richer meat. Newly listed on our dining room lunch menu is the pan-seared duck breast with wilted rainbow chard, oyster mushrooms and sherry jus.

Unlike chicken, duck breast has a hue and texture akin to that of red meat and is presented medium rare as served by sous chef Leo.

Pairing the duck with mushrooms gives the dish a double hit of umami, a perfect match to our featured wine – the 2017 Gala Estate Black Label pinot noir. Paired alongside this, the hero sits atop a pool of glazed sherry wine jus, accompanied by a duo of rainbow chard and bitterness, rich with Mediterranean nuances.

The combination of the meat, a luscious glaze of sherry jus and oyster mushrooms is nonpareil, a match that makes one feel guilty for not even knowing this was possible in the first place.

To enjoy this perfect marriage, please contact the team at to reserve a table.