By Member Nigel Robinson

The tradition continues… with the inaugural Michelle Martin Cup! Once again, the Tattersall Squashies ventured onto the hallowed court of Tattersalls Club, this time to execute their newly trained skills in the inaugural Michelle Martin Cup.

The format was a three-match round-robin, first to 11 event, with dinner, beers, wine and whiskies afterwards.

Brendan kicked off proceedings with a thrilling win and this match was followed by a magnificent show of skill, youth and athleticism by Oliver and William, before Aleks and Oscar took over with both of them showing everyone how squash should be played.

Finally, the ladies entered the fray and added some thrilling skills and much-needed style to the occasion!

The hard-fought semifinals were set, Brendan vs Aleks and then Celeste vs Hailey, with the eventual final between two very, very tired players, Aleks and Hailey. A brilliant match ensued with Aleks taking the game right down to the final point, however Hailey “The Hammer” got the victory and was awarded the inaugural Michelle Martin Cup.

Well done Hailey, but more importantly well-done everyone. A great evening, great fun, great chat, please let the tradition continue!

Dinner was (typically) fantastic with a Whatsapp group for squashies being arranged. Should you wish to join the group and arrange a social hit on the court get involved and contact the Athletic Department for a match up.

Next stop, the City Houses Championships and also the Golden Bals Cup!

Long Live Squash!