With this special newsletter today, we want to acknowledge, honour and celebrate all the incredible ‘Women of Tattersalls’,

We interviewed Linda to showcase her remarkable journey.

Linda Rudd

Q1. Please share your current occupation and industry.

I am currently a Partner at Realside Property. A commercial property funds management group based out of Sydney.

Q2. Would you consider your current role your biggest achievement? If not then please share what you are most proud of achieving.

My biggest achievement was the completion of my global MBA through Sydney University. The program was only open to 20 students and I was fortunate to be selected. Being a global MBA meant that we undertook our study via placements around the world which saw me study at UCLA in the US, IIM in Bangalore, Cambridge Business School in the UK and Tel Aviv University in Israel. It was an amazing experience where I had access to some great lecturers from these institutions. I learnt a lot and would do it all over again if I could.

Q3. What does the idea of gender equity mean to you?

Gender equity means every gender being treated equally with equal opportunities for all. I feel the biggest prohibitor is when one gender seeks to prioritise the outcomes of a gender to the detriment of another. I have seen this happen in both men and women and truly feel we are all better when we are working together equally to achieve great outcomes. Be that in sport, business or general life fulfilment.

Q4. Is there a time when you were overlooked, disadvantaged or deprived of an opportunity (in your personal life or in your career) because of your gender?

I feel that unfortunately we may never know when we are overlooked for an opportunity based on our gender or for any other reason that is discriminatory. I have had a brilliant and fulfilling career in the commercial property industry and have only worked with people that have been supportive of me for my expertise and not my gender. If I had lost an opportunity on the basis someone has discriminated against me then in a way, I am thankful, as I wouldn’t share the values of that individual or group anyway and would not want to work with them. However, no matter the outcome. Discrimination against anyone (age, gender, other) shouldn’t exist.

Q5. Which women do you admire the most and why?

I have a general admiration for all women who have a multitude of different tasks wearing the many hats that they do every day. A special mention to my own mother for being the strong, smart capable woman that she is and for her guidance to me over my lifetime!

Q6. Could you please tell us a bit about your journey at Tattersalls (how you joined the Club, your experience at the Club in terms of gender equity etc.)?

It’s a funny story. I was a guest at an event hosted by my good friend Kymbal Dunne and I was joking with him that I didn’t believe the club would let “my type” in. Referencing my gender. How very wrong I was. I was given a tour of the club and all of the facilities so I signed up and was welcomed with open arms. I love the Yoga classes, the pool and for a while, I was doing the circuit classes which were great for fitness (but needed to walk the next day on most occasions so I have stopped)! Des and the Tattersalls team have been wonderful and Esmond with his talent at making Negroni’s keep me coming back.