Publilius Syrus once said that a rolling stone gathers no moss, this proverb can be applied to any facet of life.

We in the Athletic Department liken it to fitness and training, the more you train the better you feel, the better your day is, and the better your quality of life is.

We know the Gym can be intimidating for some, that’s why, after months of behind the scenes work, we are pleased to announce our brand new Fitness Assessment and program offering.

The new process now focuses on functionality and movement as well as increasing day-to-day life comfort.

With a detailed postural analysis complementing our already comprehensive weigh-in and measurement system, the team at the AD can put together a program that is designed specifically for you and your goals.

The new format takes place over two sessions:

  1. The first is the “theory side” where we assess fitness metrics and understand your goals
  2. Then, we’ll take you through your detailed personalised training plan.

We have no doubt that this new rollout is suited to all, and we cannot wait to share it with you all!

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