“ It’s just something you’ve got to do”

Wise words from an even wiser man and a person we want to celebrate today at Tattersalls is our beloved Member Mr Charlie Robinson.

Why are we celebrating Mr Robinson you may ask?

Well, the answer is simple because Charlie very well deserves all the praise and more. You see Charlie has been a Member for nearly six decades, joining the club in the 60s when Tattersalls still occupied the Sheraton building.

Mr Robinson whose age we won’t reveal, visits the Club Athletic Department three times a week to complete his exercise regime.

Charlie learnt to swim in the Ocean Baths at Coogee in the 30s but has decided that he prefers the warmth and charm of the Tattersalls Club compared to Ocean swimming.

Charlie swims 20 laps each time he comes into the club as well as going over his stretch and rehab routine, as the title of this story suggests Charlie sees it as “Just something you’ve got to do”

Charlie also plays golf once a week and walks another day to make sure he is getting 5 days of exercise in a week.

We asked Charlie what it is he likes about the Club and specifically the Athletic Department and his answer was simple and direct “I feel like something is missing in my week if I don’t come in, the staff are very helpful and it’s a relaxed atmosphere”.

Charlie is a clear example of exercise keeping us young, fit healthy and strong. If you see Charlie around the AD make sure you say Hello and ask him about his other secrets of youth.

Tattersalls strives to be a place where great things happen.  We take pride to provide an atmosphere of a tight-knit community based on the values of Honour and Friendship, where we love to celebrate the success and achievement of our Members. The only way to strengthen this bond is to participate more and let us be the voice that shares your experiences, stories and accomplishments with the wider community.

Please contact the team at marketing@tattersallsclub.org if you would like to see your experiences turning into our next newsletter story.