The motto of the famed Ritz Hotel, created by Cesar Ritz is  “Ladies  & Gentlemen serving Ladies & Gentlemen”. The Gold Standards of the Ritz Carlton Group are a foundation stone in the world of hospitality and have formed the basis for our own Club Manifesto.

The last several years have been a challenging time for everyone, as we find a new normal our team are committed to our core principles to make your Member experience the best it can be. With so much change, we won’t always get it right the first time and it’s a timely reminder of the Club’s motto, Honour & Friendship two core values that reflect Cesar Ritz’s vision of Ladies  & Gentlemen serving Ladies & Gentlemen”. We thank you for your patience.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be introducing our team and reinforcing our own Tattersalls Club Manifesto, drafted by the team with our expectations of each other.


Our team supports the Tattersalls community. I am a positive role model who embraces the club’s vision and mission and always speaks enthusiastically about the Club.


 I take ownership of my own learning and development and I am a problem solver with a sense of urgency, committed to great member outcomes. We are always aware, inquisitive, and knowledgeable.


I am committed to world-class Member first service. My communication is always professional, courteous, and tactful. Excellence is in the detail. We offer no excuses and accept no excuses. The front of the house is sacrosanct.


I am responsible for creating a safe work environment based on mutual respect, cooperation, teamwork, and service. What I do and how I perform reflects on my team.


 I acknowledge Members, employees, and guests by using the 5/10/15 Rule, greeting with a smile and name where appropriate including a fond farewell. I am responsible for shaping a safe, secure, and positive environment.