You VS a Schooner of Beer VS a Treadmill

This Workout of the Month (WOM) sounds might sound like a fun adventure, but don’t let the title fool you.

Our January WOM is a test of stamina and a little education session leading into our weight loss challenge, stay tuned for more information about it.

For this workout we want you to push yourself hard and see how long it takes you to burn 163 calories on the treadmill. Now the faster you go the quicker you’ll burn the calories – so we do ask you to push yourself hard and record your time on the wall.

If the treadmill isn’t for you we suggest either the Spin bike or the Cross trainers, the Ski Erg can be used as well but we warn you this would really be pushing yourself to the limits.

For those who want to really give January’s WOM a go, we suggest you do the Schooner of beer or a glass of red wine challenge. Again on the treadmill time yourself to see how long it takes to burn 286 calories on the treadmill.

This workout really puts into perspective those extra drinks that you might be thinking about having, although we encourage fun and balance but in moderation.

So let’s kickstart this year on a mindful note. If you have any questions about this workout or you’d like to book your fitness assessment to start this year right, please contact the team at