Wednesday 24 April from 12:00 to 14:00

On eve of ANZAC day, the Club will host a very special ‘lunch with the author’ event.

This lunch will combine our commemoration of ANZAC Day with the tales of Commodore Peter Scott, one of Australia’s highly decorated former submariners and author of Running Deep: An Australian Submarine Life.

Joining the Royal Australian Navy as a seventeen-year-old Midshipman in 1983, and volunteering for submarines in 1988, Peter Scott rose over three decades to be the professional head of the Navy’s elite: the Submarine Arm.

Our author will share his story with our members; his journey, while he was serving amongst the dedicated crews of the most highly specialised capability in any Navy – it’s submarines – in the most complex and demanding environment on earth: the undersea battlespace.

Tickets Price: $95 per person for 1 book, 2 course lunch and drinks/ $180 for 2 persons for 1 book (to share), 2 course lunch and drinks