Are you fit enough to serve in the Australian Army?

We all know that exercise is a key component in the Armed Services of Australia, but have you ever wondered if you would be able to complete the tests required to gain entry into the Army?

Our March Workout of the Month (WOM) covers the prerequisites to pass the physical requirements to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

First Challenge: You have 2 minutes to complete 40 pushups. You can rest in between if needed, but you only have 2 minutes to complete these- Hands and Toes is the only option for this.

Second challenge: You have 2 minutes to complete 40 full sit-ups, again these can be done broken if needed to complete a full rep you must as the name suggest sit all the way up (note for this test you can add 15kgs to your feet as allowed by the army)

Next challenge is running, you have 12 minutes to complete 2000mts. Again this can be done in intervals or stages, but you must complete the 2000mts in the allotted time.

The last challenge: Plank hold- set yourself up for the ultimate finish with a 90 seconds plank hold, this must be done unbroken and on your toes, you may choose to either be on your elbows or high plank position.

Each test needs to be done one after the other (you can choose the order) and all must be completed in under 35 min time frame.

So, get ready to check your fitness level against the Australian Army standards.

For any questions regarding this month’s WOM please reach out to the AD team at