From cross-country treks to outback bike rides there is nothing our January Member of the Month (MOTM) hasn’t done.

Jon Michel is absolutely unstoppable and can seemly take on any challenge, and come out the other side with a smile on his face.

Jon’s first trek last year took him from one side of the UK to the other, with trekking over 13 days Jon traversed the UK’s countryside with ease and took some incredible photos on the journey.

In October last year, Jon was part of team Tattersalls who tackled the Zoo2Zoo challenge, a 4-day bike ride from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo to Dubbo’s western Plain Zoo- via the world’s most “potholed roads”  Jon led from the front and encouraged all those around him by taking the lead rider position on a vast number of pelotons (unfortunately an ill-timed phone call meant Jon couldn’t be present for the reading of Mulga Bills Bicycle a tradition of the Zoo2Zoo).

Starting this year like he finished the last Jon has just finished a three-day trek along the Banks trail in New Zealand which follows the coastal and the cliffs, forest and farmlands and takes you over the rim of an extinct volcano and into otherwise inaccessible bays. The trek also included passing through the Pohatu Marine Reserve which includes Tutakakahikura and Hinewai Reserves (you’ll want to google these amazing places).

Seeing as it’s only January and Jon has already completed this trek, there’s no doubt that he deserves to win our January Member of the month award, and we are excited to see what the year holds in store for him and just what amazing adventure he goes onto next.

Jon now goes into the running for our AD sportsperson of the year.

Congratulations Jon!