By Member Nigel Robinson

Dear Readers,

As you will have noted the Tattersalls Club last week held the largest sporting event in the world this month with the running of the combined Michelle Martin Cup and Heather McKay Shield being concurrent to (almost) finish off the squash year.  Talk about finishing the year with a BANG!

Firstly, at lunchtime Thursday 1 December 2022 the reigning champion George Deubler took on Nigel Robinson in the final of the Heather McKay Shield. This tournament is played across the year on a handicap basis, as part of the first to 45 points match. George commenced the match on 0 and Nigel on 25 (as befitting their different aptitudes at the game of squash). After an enthralling match where Nigel defeated George by 45-34 (using the 25-point buffer to his advantage).

In the evening the Michelle Martin Cup returned for its final outing of the year, contestants included:

David Thackeray

Ben Griffiths

Neil Harvey

Brendan Rook

Brian Graham

Peter Dunoon &

Aleks Krajcer

The rules were for the Michelle Martin trophy – first to 7 – with a two-point power play and golden point at 6 all. Each player played three round robin matches, with the final then played between the two players with the most wins.

The final was between Brendan Rook and Aleks Krajcar, with a final score of 11-8  to finish off the competition.  Naturally, a dinner followed with Michelle Martin, Hailey Ho, Oliver Quach and Celeste Chia joining Christmas festivities.

Just from all of us on the squash court have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you next year – hopefully on the Court!!