As the Club is based in one of the busiest cities in Australia, Tattersalls’ quality of life positions itself well to attract talent. Therefore, we have the pleasure of introducing the new sous chef Leo into our family.

Hailing all the way from Hong Kong, Leo Yau has 14 years of experience in the culinary world, with four of those years based in Hong Kong, and two working with Michelin Star chef Paco Roncero.

At just 33 years old, Leo’s expertise range from fine dining, function rooms, and production kitchen to catering companies. Outside of work, he enjoys both rock & boat fishing, maybe that’s why he cooks such delicious fish at the Club!

His favourite cuisine is Japanese and French, so he’s always seeking inspiration from these two and other cuisines on how to further enhance his food creations and ideas whenever he cooks.

If you haven’t already popped your head into the kitchen, please drop by and say hello to this talented yet timid new chef we have on board.