Tattersalls Club, the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, Royal Sydney Golf Club (RSGC) & Killara Golf Club’s Interclub Snooker competition 2022 has almost come to an end with just the last two games left.

The upcoming game is to be held at 18:00 Monday 7 November at Killara Golf Club.

Each Club will have a team of four players and there will be four singles matches (comprising of two frames) and two doubles matches (one frame). Points will be awarded for winning games, with the maximum being 10 points on the night.

Our Club is now in the lead in this challenge after recording a successful score of 7-3 against RACA in the last game, whereas RSGC is just two points behind.

If you’re interested in representing Tattersalls Club at snooker or would like to find out more about the game, please contact Snooker Convener John Threlfo via email or call 0414 642 671.