Congrats to our 2022’s final Athletic Department Member of the Month Nigel Robinson.

Nigel is the epitome of enthusiasm. Since his joining the club 13 months ago Nigel has been unstoppable in his participation and encouragement of his fellow Members.

Recently Nigel won the Tattersalls Inter club squash tournament dethroning Squash legend George Deubler.

A devout Member of our squash team, Nigel is constantly pushing the Squash sub-club members to create games and tournaments to help refine and enhance their skills.

Participating in the city houses tournament Nigel was a huge advocate for the Tattersalls Club and performed incredibly well wherever he went. His on-court coaching and advice were paramount in helping our fellow members achieve great results in their respective squash games.

Nigel’s talents aren’t limited to the squash court, Nigel recently participated in the World’s Greatest Relay and was a constant mainstay in his ever-evolving team. Despite suffering food poisoning one night before, Nigel made sure to be at the Club on the final day and helped his team finish the world’s greatest relay on a high.

Outside of the Club, Nigel completed the Blackmores half marathon and now has his sights firmly set on creating (and winning) our newest in-house squash tournament starting in January.

Well done Nigel on all your on and off-court achievements this year, your enthusiasm is unmated and a big reason why Squash is now thriving in Tattersalls.

Nigel is now running for the 2022 Sports Person of the Year.