The annual NSW Masters Swimming Relay meet is one of the most eagerly anticipated events on our calendar. Tattersalls has an enviable history of achievements at this competition and, the contribution of the 18 swimmers who made up the team of 2022 further enhanced the club’s well-established reputation.

This year was one of memorable of firsts: 1st placings – nine in all; first time competitors, and numerous first-time combinations across the different age groups. But the most significant and exciting historical first was the emergence (finally) of a classy Tattersalls Women’s team!

This new group attacked their events with such enthusiasm. Inspired by their highly-credentialed male teammates, this new ‘awesome foursome’ – Patricia Reid, Gina McConnell, Jamie Preston and Lauren Tischendorf – soon made their mark in the pool with two 3rd placings in the Women’s 4×50 FS and 4×25 FS (160+ age group).

In the Mixed FS relay events, Jamie and Lauren teaming up with Kieran Tate and Hunter Murray raced to 1st place in the 4×25 FS Relay (120+ group), while Patricia and Gina with Martin White and Linden Smith were 3rd in their 200+ age grouping.

In the Mixed 4×50 Medley relays, Lauren and Jamie alongside James Hickman and Andrew Davis won the 160+ age group relay, while Patricia and Gina with Peter Joseph and Martin White got 2nd in the 240+ age group.

In the 4×25 Mixed Medley relays with two Tatts teams in the same 200+ age group, it was the combo of Lauren and Jamie with Phillip Bartlett and Andrew Davis who touched in 3rd place, edging out Patricia and Gina with Peter Joseph and Linden Smith who were just 1 second behind them in 4th.

As well as these very respectable achievements, the day’s results attest to the amazing abilities of our swimmers but more than this, it is  the great camaraderie amongst the Tattersalls Swim team that is inspirational for all those new to the world of Masters Swimming.


1st – MENS 4×100 FS (200+): James Hickman; Peter Thiel; Justin Hanby; Chris Fydler  (3:47.38)

1st – MENS 4×100 FS (80+): Kieran Clancy-Lowe; Kieran Tate; Ben Morgan; Guy Boland   (4:16.17)

1st – MIXED 4×50 MEDLEY (160+): BK Lauren Tischendorf; BRS Jamie Preston; FLY Ben Morgan; FS Andrew Davis   (2.18.34)

1st – MIXED 4×25 FS (120+): Jamie Preston; Lauren Tischendorf; Kieran Tate; Hunter Murray   (57:01)

1st – MENS 4×25 FS  (200+): Chris Fydler; Peter Thiel; Justin Hanby; James Hickman   (47:00)

1st – MENS 4×25 FS  (80+): Kieran Clancy-Lowe; Hunter Murray; Ben Morgan; Guy Boland   (47.86)

1st – MENS 4×50 MEDLEY  (160+): BK James Hickman; BRS Peter Thiel; FLY Martin White; FS Justin Hanby   (2:01.37)

1st – MENS 4×50 MEDLEY  (80+): BK  Kieran Clancy-Lowe; BRS Guy Boland; FLY Ben Morgan; FS Kieran Tate   (2:07.94)

1st – MENS  4×25 MEDLEY  (80+): BK Kieran Clancy-Lowe; BRS Guy Boland; FLY Ben Morgan; FS Hunter Murray   (55.65)

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