Goal setting for the year 2023 and beyond.

Dream it, Write it, Do it.

Six words that the Team in the Athletic Department decided would be one of our Pillars for this year. It’s a simple statement, but one that brings so much excitement, enthusiasm, a sense of accountability, and many other emotions to mind.

With the team all writing up their goals and making themselves publicly accountable (and hopefully a little inspiring as well), we are now inviting all AD Members to join in and help create the ‘2023 Wall of Goals’.

From Monday 13 February onwards, the AD team will be encouraging all members to take a sticky note and a Sharpie and write up their goals for the year.

With some amazing events already planned for this year (like World masters in Fukowoka, Sydney Blackmores running fest, Tough Mudder, Spring Cycle, Golf Sub Club championships, September weight loss and fitness challenge, World’s greatest Relay part 2) there are plenty of events to take part in and opportunities to achieve the master plan.

We also understand that every individual is unique, and maybe acing a sports event isn’t the goal for you- that’s great as well!

If your goal is to simply come to the Athletic Department two days a week, then write that down, if your goal is to be able to Swim 2 laps of the pool without the lifeguard tube being needed- that’s great write it down.

The only thing we ask is that you follow the SMART principle when choosing and writing your goal that is:

S.M.A.R.T. is a mnemonic acronym that gives criteria to guide in the setting of goals and objectives that are assumed to give better results.

We are excited to see what goals come up, and as always the team will be here to provide encouragement, guidance and for those who need a little extra accountability, we are here.


Please contact the AD team at athletic@tattersallsclub.org if you require personal nutritional or training consultation to seek guidance for achieving your SMART goals.