We all know that stretching, Yoga and Pilates are important for not only our physical health but for our mental health as well as sometimes all we need is 10 minutes in a relaxing environment to recharge and take on the day.

With the world seemingly getting fast-paced, taking a few minutes out to focus on yourself is key to avoiding burnout. On that note, Tattersalls have constructed a newly built Zen Zone upstairs in the Athletic Department for all our members to serve as the perfect place for relaxation and recharge.

Built as a studio area for our Yoga and Pilates classes, the space also provides a relaxed atmosphere where we are encouraging members to head to if they need to unwind or spend a little extra time working on their stretches and flexibility.

With the new padded floor, mood-enhancing lighting and retractable noise-cancelling curtains, our Zen Zone is the perfect place to forget about the outside world.

Below you will see the current timetable we are using for Pilates and Yoga, so why not come along and try out one of our amazing classes in the new and dedicated class area or feel free to drop upstairs yourself to find out what the Zen zone can do for you.

As a reminder, during the hours of Yoga and Pilates the music will be turned off in the Athletic Department and the squash court will be unavailable to use. We sincerely thank you for your understanding at this time.

Contact AD at athletic@tattersallsclub.org if you have any questions on this matter.