The Clubs archives, give insights into the past, the following link provides the story behind the Club’s memorial plaque. Please see a link to the magazine here. 

THE CHAIRMAN (Mr. S. E. Chatterton), in welcoming the Governor, said: “This Club has reason to feel proud of the number of its members, and the families of members, who served in World War I and World War II, as well as of the active part it took in contributing to the war effort by every means possible. To-day we are thinking of the fallen —those who gave their lives that freedom might live, that our way of life might be preserved for us and the generations to follow.”

The Governor said: “These gallant men we all honour, who went forward to fight for their country in its time of peril, set an example of service sadly needed today in this land as well as in other lands. We in Australia have short memories. We are a casual sort of people and forget quickly. We are prepared to go about our work remembering little the fact that we are able to go about our work only because such gallant fellows as those whose memories we are honouring here to-day were ready to serve. It was their effort and the effort of thousands of others who saved us.

“This is a thought that should live with us in contemplating the sacrifice of the dead. And it should awaken always a sense of our responsibility to their dependants. How are they faring? We should inquire. We should do something to protect the heritage that those who served have passed onto us.

Lest We Forget.