Tattersalls Club is a proud supporter of the NSW Positive Rugby Foundation and its ongoing work to create more opportunities for people to experience the positive values, life skills and opportunities unique to rugby. The Foundation was established in 2017 as the official charity and social impact program of NSW Rugby. Their vision is to utilise rugby’s unique values, qualities and characteristics to make a positive difference to people and communities.

Some Key 2022 Highlights:

  • On behalf of our donors & supporters, we invested just over $850,000 into ‘Rugby For Good’ programs
  • We take kids who don’t engage with school, build their life skills, challenge their attitudes and turn them into leaders, coaches and influencers of the next generation – ‘Tackle Life’ changes lives
  • Sports Highs give public school kids the opportunity to train and play in a high-quality training environment year-round
  • The NSW Positive Rugby Foundation is one of the biggest investors in Women’s Rugby in NSW
  • We assisted 10 players who might not have the ability to join the program due to their economic circumstances
  • Rugby clubs are central meeting places for so many communities, they are now becoming safe and inclusive spaces where people can feel safe to share their challenges. The ‘Rugby For Good’ Mental Health program is saving lives
  • 33 Free Holiday Camp delivered with over 800 kids attending with 80% of those being Indigenous

We are thrilled to continue our support for the NSW Positive Rugby Foundation and their exceptional efforts in creating a better and more inclusive community. We believe in the foundation’s core values of promoting diversity, equality, and respect amongst all members of the rugby community.

We remain committed to assisting the foundation in their mission and look forward to achieving greater milestones together in the future.