Congratulate Mr Simon Storry for completing the Coolangatta Gold race and most importantly for winning our October Athletic Department Member of the month (MOMT) award.

Coolangatta Gold is one of the most challenging endurance races in surf sports which was held this year from Saturday 15 October to Sunday 16 October at Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Simon completed this physically challenging and very demanding multisport event in a total of 5h 25mins which included Running, Swimming, Ski Paddling and Ocean boarding. What a legend!

This race started with a tiresome 23km Ski Paddle where Simon set a cracking pace and got himself in the rhythm. Followed by the paddle, there was a one km soft sand run/transition before re-entering the water again for a 3.5km ocean swim.

At the halfway point, the athletes then completed a six km open water board paddle tracing the QLD Coastline, which brings us to the concluding event of the competition, that is, another 8km run where Simon gave his all.

As for the results, we are proud to announce that Simon not only won the gold medal in his age group but also the title of the fittest athlete in his age group. He definitely set the bar quite high for next year’s participants.

A truly remarkable result, but we aren’t shocked as we have seen how hard Simon trains in our Athletic Department. Once again, many congratulations to Simon for this amazing result.

Simon Storry is now running for our 2022 Sports Person of the Year.