By Matthew Braithwaite-Young

The Business Forum has successfully regained its mojo post-Covid with massive turnouts in its last couple of events.

This month on Tuesday 11 October, our dear Member and Club quiz champion Phil Smith drew a big turnout for his excellent (and unexpectedly entertaining) journey through the world of Death and Taxes.

Under Phil’s guidance, the Members discussed the following issues:

  • Tax traps when someone dies
  • When should you turn down being an executor
  • Probate operations and how to avoid it in the first place
  • When to watch out for charities and their clever lawyers
  • Why do you need to see your accountant before your lawyer as you draw your will

This meeting served as a classic example of how captivating and valuable our Business Forum conferences are, as Phil’s keynote served as a stimulus that led to Members from fields as diverse as law, insolvency, financial planning, real estate, planning, finance and technology being able to connect the dots and identify interactivity between sectors – even in a topic as specific as Death and Taxes.

It is these personal connections and stories that bring Business Forum conversations to life and real depth of understanding for participants.

In addition to Death and Taxes, the Business forum has also traversed other topics in 2022 as diverse as:

  • Staff recruitment and retention (a.k.a. the topic that never dies)
  • Data security (and the Optus hack)
  • Crypto regulation
  • NSW changes to bail application law
  • Government policy for growth
  • Time-saving online tools and much more.

Once again, kudos to the F&B team of Cinzia, Mario and Chef Leo for taking such good care of the Breakfast Forum Members.

Our next Business Forum meet is scheduled at 07:15 Tuesday 22 November where we’ll start a new conversation about the criminal law sector which is to be led by Mickaela Mate from Mate Lawyers.

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