The proposition: Irish whiskey & Irish stout with oysters. To the adventuresome eater, it’s an exquisite match of grain and sea, a humble old standby and a tasty way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Friday 17 March.


You may have heard of whiskey & oysters because these umami-rich morsels matched with unique Irish whiskey will showcase the wide spectrum of flavours present in these small-batch liquors. But the pairing of oysters Kilpatrick with Guinness is also a tradition and of course the ideal celebratory drink at this time of year. This unique culinary pairing of live seafood with black, chewy, flavourful beer works like a charm.


So to celebrate St Paddy’s Day at the Club, we will be matching the Glendalough Double Barrel Single Grain Irish whiskey with natural oysters and Guinness with oysters Kilpatrick for the whole month of March. This way, you can bring the fantasy of travelling to Ireland within the Club with this genius pairing.


So to celebrate this joyous occasion, please get in touch with the team at because St Patrick’s day would not be complete without its staples of whiskey and Guinness.