As Chairman, the generosity of our Members has always been a source of pride.

I am equally as proud of our team, and it’s very satisfying when that generosity is directed to and acknowledges our fine staff, who continue to serve us with enthusiasm and great care, maintaining the high standards of service we enjoy.

The last several years have highlighted the value of personal interaction. Maintaining key personnel has been challenging across industries and sectors yet Members are able to rely on the Tattersalls team to support their health and well-being, delivering a rich offering, and providing convenience and comfort.

A significant number of Members have over the last few years expressed their thanks by way of a contribution to our staff Christmas fund.

I am once again opening a fund to allow the generosity and thanks of Members to be spread across all team members, both front-of-house and back-of-house support staff so that all can enjoy your thanks equitably.

If you intend to or would like to contribute to thank our staff I would encourage you to do so through our fund. Donations can be made by cash, credit card or directly to your house account. I encourage you to join me in thanking our team for their efforts in supporting our Club and your enjoyment.

Please contact Des at if you wish to join me and contribute.

Colin Dunn