Our Partner, Sydney Dance Company is here with a spectacular new dance performance called ‘Resound’.

Tracing an arc of emotions that moves from a dark turbulent interrogation of recent times through to a burgeoning buoyant optimism, Resound is a program of three unique dance works that will engage your heart and soul.

Click here to read more about the Resound season.

Only for our Members and their Guests, Tattersalls has just the last two (out of six) complimentary tickets available for this season  Saturday 5 November. To experience the best of Sydney’s Cultural institutions, don’t miss out.

However, if you miss out on these, then Tattersalls Members can use the promotional code TATTS15 to avail 15 % off on their tickets for the Resound season and for all other future performances.

If you have any queries or wish to book these tickets, please contact the team at events@tattersallsclub.org.