Thursday 16 November to Thursday 14 December

The return of the Hanrahan Glover Cup is amongst us! A time-honoured tradition of awarding the member with the most group class attendance has begun.

The cup’s fascinating history is rooted in a time-honoured rivalry and celebrates an epic battle between members Mike Hanrahan and Rick Glover. These two giants of the Club embraced the 2016 Top 10 Class challenge. The Challenge was simple. Who would do the most classes in a year. As December approached, only two remained in competition. As the finish line neared a desperate and at time scandalous battle unfolded. As the final class was delivered in December of that year both ended on 140 Classes, a remarkable outcome enshrined in the Hanrahan Glover Cup

In recent years, some adjustments have been made to the cup rules. Just like last year, all online class participation will be recorded and contribute to the overall score. The victorious participant will be announced during the annual member Christmas party.

Those who have won the trophy in the past put it down to one thing – consistency!

Planning which classes you are going to attend is key – forwarding into your calendar now for the next four weeks will help you gain that momentum needed to lift the prized trophy.

Check our class timetable and get ready.