The best part about a relay is the team element: you’re all working together as one.

And at Tattersalls, we want you and your WGR Team to achieve more than you thought possible in just 45 minutes.

Each day during the training sessions, the Tattersalls team will be testing your aerobic capacity, motivating you to go as hard as you can, and push yourself while still having fun.

Mentally this might be a challenge, but that’s where the teamwork and our spirit of ‘honor et amicitia’ kick in.

Read below the five-day structure that we have designed for this competition:

Day 1 Spinning challenge: Team Member 1 will cycle 750mts as quickly as possible followed by Member 2 and Member 3, and at the end, we will calculate the total distance spun. This will take place on the new ICG spin bikes with the AD Team to keep you motivated and excited.

Day 2 The run 350mts: Set in Hyde park day two takes us to the running set of our relay. On this day, you will run to push your limits to finish as many laps as possible in 45 mins (we have taken this into consideration for those with knee injuries and we will make the rowers available for your portion of the run).

Day 3 The Swim- 50m Sprints: That’s two laps. This relay is really for everybody, everyone can do two laps in the pool. But the best part is then your get to rest while your teammates have their go!

Day 4- The Ergo 350mts: The aim is to put everything you’ve got into each turn. Then working on using your rest periods as effectively as possible, breathing deeply and fully, and trying to get your heart rate down as much as possible before your next turn. The more effective you can be during these rest periods, the better you’ll be able to work on each sprint. (Ask us during your training in the Athletic Department, how you can get better at lowering your heart rate?)

Day 5- The Triathlon: We start as a group on the spin bikes for the first 15 minutes, then we head to Hyde Park for the next 15 minutes (avoiding traffic) and finally we are headed back to the Tattersalls pool to finish.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that for the second time around, we are partnering exclusively with Bear Cottage Manly Sydney’s only children’s Hospice to raise funds for their mission. We hope this adds that extra layer of encouragement to participate.

We are also planning a celebratory lunch at the Club on Friday 2 December to celebrate the incredible efforts and achievements of all the participants.

For more information on the World’s greatest relay or to register your team, please contact the team at the AD at