This MarTeaNi is the perfect dedication to honour the one year passing of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

James Bond and his infamous 1962 ‘Dry Martini, shaken not stirred’ is as iconic as it is classic. Our team have added dimensions of aroma and flavour to create a more complex and astoundingly British martini profile. Tanqueray 10 gin infused carefully with earl grey tea leaves create a very British gin with a classic British tea to honour the most famous of British spies.

Doubling or tripling down on this theme, the tea itself was named after Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey & British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834.

If you are a fan of Martini, tea and gin, then this cocktail is delicious as an aperitif for your long lunch, or just on its own at the Members’ Bar. The grapefruit & orange notes in the Tanqueray 10 pairs nicely with the bergamot flavours of the earl grey.

Give in to your complicated Bond like quality and come in to try this new cocktail!

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