Now more than ever we require our mobile phones to be able to perform our everyday tasks, from zoom meetings, and responding to work emails to browsing through our social media, our device is constantly in use.

However, the Tattersalls Club has a longstanding tradition of being a phone-free zone for most parts of the Club.

Thus, we would like to take this opportunity to remind the Members of the following:

  • Phone calls cannot be made in the Member’s Bar and Dining area, in order to prevent causing disturbance to other Members using the space.
  • Phones can be used on the Athletic floor for music or streaming if headphones are used and do not disrupt other members, given that no phone calls are made.
  • Calls can be made on level 2M outside Studio 1858 if it doesn’t disrupt members and is at an acceptable volume level.
  • No photos or video recording is to take place anywhere inside the Athletic Department.
  • Under no circumstances are mobile phones to be used in changeroom facilities or the bathroom, this includes calls or text messages.
  • Phones can be used in Lane 5 although no phone calls are to be made.

Our intention isn’t to cause to any inconvenience, thus a phone booth is located right outside the Members’ Bar if you are required to make a call, simultaneously you can use the foyer or the ante-room for the same. We thank all our members for their understating in upholding this great tradition at Tattersalls.

For any questions regarding phones and their usage in the Athletic Department please reach out to