By Committee Member Matthew Braithwaite Young

Our upcoming Business Forum breakfast for forum members and enthusiasts will be held 07:00- 09:00 Tuesday 11 October. For this event, we are going with Member’s favourite, Round table discussion.

The way it works is that a Member will share insights and key issues about their industry which will be followed by a discussion within the group. The outcome is extremely productive as you are able to gather professional opinions on your challenges from top industry leaders. By combining these perspectives, you are sure to walk away with a deep understanding of the new opportunities and their application to your workplace.

This meeting will commence with a discussion started by Business Forum stalwart Phil Smith, who will get the ball rolling on the most in-demand topic at the moment – you guessed it- TAX


7:00 Arrivals
7:15 Breakfast orders
7:30 Introductions & news
7:45 Round table discussions (over breakfast)
8:45 Group direction
9:00 am Finish (sharp, always!)

To mix things up a bit, we will wheel out the shiny new Business Forum chocolate wheel and choose another sector to discuss straight from the floor.

It could be manufacturing, criminal law, finance, banking, HR and retention, healthcare, automotive, insolvency, property…

Which will it be? All we know is, it will be interesting.

Still on the fence?

Well here’s a bonus:  On Tuesday it’s the Business Forum to the rescue for any Club Member who might be facing their first-ever economic downturn and had some difficulty getting the ear of more experienced people in the office from senior colleagues still working from their Palm Beach Covid boltholes.

This month we’ve lined up a bonus rapid-fire round table topic:  Leading through a downturn – lessons from those who have done this before.  

This session is a rapid-fire pro tips review from the group with the topic designed to share the tips and traps of many hundreds of collective years in business.  Frankly, these few minutes alone may save you from any number of inflation/stagflation/recession traps.

If you read this far, in honor of Phil’s opening topic, here is a little treat for you.

The best version of Taxman is not from the Beatles – it’s this version by George Harrison and Eric Clapton:

Or this one by Tom Petty:

You’re welcome!

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