From Monday 21st February

Whether you want to get into the right mindset for our next 8-week challenge or maybe maintain a healthy lifestyle, sometimes it’s nice to get some inspiration on how others stay motivated in making healthy choices. Read the tips below from our trainers on how the small things add up to great results:

  1. Be physically active every day in as many ways you can. Any movement is better than none. Incidental exercise plays a huge part – park your car further from your work or from the station.
  2. Eat slowly and savour every mouthful – It takes 20 minutes till your brain gets an impulse from your stomach that it is full. So slow down and enjoy your meal.
  3. Be consistent. Consistency is the key to any success. Allocate the same day and same time for training, cooking, working, walking.
  4. Don’t shop when you’re hungry  – use the list. When we are hungry we tend to reach for “any” and usually high sugary foods. You might end up with unnecessary snacks in your basket.
  5. 10,000 steps per day- it might seem like a lot, but if you make it a habit and use a tracker like a watch or your phone, you can do it easy.
  6. When eating out, make healthy choices. For example, choose grilled chicken or fish with salad. Remember to look at the menu beforehand so you know there are healthy options wherever you go.
  7. Use the stairs instead of the lift, walk in between meetings to keep your body moving.
  8. Finally; come to our group classes – what a way to start the day being greeted by our smiling faces while we put you through some fun and relaxing exercise!
For more information or to sign up for the 8-week challenge, please contact