By Athletic Department Manager Malcolm Turnbull

I’ve recently returned from a five-day cross-state trip from Sydney to Dubbo and back. My days consisted of over eight hours in a car supporting our Member riders in completing the Zoo2Zoo Challenge.

Staying fit while travelling is a challenge our Members face. Here are the best hacks and tips from your athletic team to stay consistent with your fitness goals. When you are on the road:

1. Prepare all snacks and plan all stops: If you have healthy snacks planned and prepared, you are less likely to succumb to whatever you can find. Healthy foods such as fruit, nuts, and muesli bars will give your trip a head start and give you the confidence to make better decisions while travelling.

2. Research restaurants and menus: This tip is a great way to fully explore a new place by taking just 15 minutes to research and plan where you to eat. It’s a great way to get to know the place and discover the best local eateries. Take a good look at the menus online before going there to ensure you won’t fall into the trap of not knowing what to eat.

3. Research where you are staying: Does it have a gym? Almost all of our Reciprocal Clubs have amazing fitness and athletic facilities available for our Members to use, making exercise options easy. So research ahead if the place you are staying has a gym or not.

4. Make sure you get your 30mins in every day: This doesn’t have to be groundbreaking exercise, a 30 min walk on an empty stomach can help set you up for the day or if you are a runner or rider download the Strava app and join Team Tattersalls to track your progress and compare with other Members.

Furthermore, if you are after something more powerful, head to our Youtube page to access a variety of home workout videos ranging from HIIT to Pilates and Yoga. These classes are especially helpful if your accommodation doesn’t have a gym.

5. Pack your runners: It’s amazing how opening your suitcase and seeing your trainers fall out gives you a reminder to get yourself moving. Runners don’t take up much room but they surely provide a key reminder to drop the extra cheese and wine after dinner.

6. Plan for your return: If you “HAVE” to overindulge and eat the dessert and try the local wines, make sure you have planned ahead a healthier regime for when you get back like going alcohol-free for a few weeks, coming to extra classes and planning your meals accordingly, it’s amazing how quickly the body will respond to healthy food and exercise after a few days of indulgence.

Remember life is meant to be enjoyed, but it doesn’t mean we have to strive too far away from our health and fitness goals.

For additional tips for travelling, contact the Athletic Department at