This Spring, the kitchen team will be braising a whole lamb shoulder enough for two.

Fernando’s 16-hour technique involves braised tender meat with garlic, thyme and onions to create a wonderful mix of flavours. Served with roasted potatoes and Greek salad, this meal for two can be enjoyed with a bottle of our 2015 Jack Estate Cabernet Sauvignon – a full-bodied French oak red with excellent fruit integration.

Lamb shoulder makes a perfect slow roasting joint, due to the generous amount of fat not only on top but also marbled through the joint. Consequently, Fernando has cooked it slowly and at a low temperature to allow the fat to melt throughout the joint, leaving behind tender meat ready to be pulled.

Available by 48 hours’ notice preorders only, this is available at $110 for two people. Please contact the team at to book your own excellent cut of meat.