It is believed that this proverb traces back as far as 1390 but is first recorded in John Heywood’s Book of Proverbs (1546). Heywood was an English dramatist employed at the courts of Henry VIII.

It is a fitting origin as hospitality and service refer to front and back of house. Front of house is the theatre and back of house is the workshop.

Our team have voted and with a deadlock, we have two winners both from the ‘workshop’ or more appropriately the Engine Room.

Leo. Calm, Quiet, Effective. Gets stuff done. Adaptable, reliable, a powerhouse in the kitchen. Outside of any drama or gossip Leo is an important contributor in our Kitchen team ensuring consistency and quality of our Food & Beverage offering.

Emma. Whilst only part time (for now) has had a huge impact. Meticulous, Accurate and Queen of the process. Emma has brought much needed discipline to our accounting processes. A master of Excel and support for the wider team Emma is unwaveringly resilient and engaged.

Congratulations to both for an exceptional effort.