Club Person of the Year recognises those individuals who have contributed to the Club in an exceptional way.

Nominations for Club Person of the Year reflect that spirit and many years of association and service. They are often heartfelt and warm reminders of the friendships and camaraderie forged out of the connective power of health, community, culture and well-being.

The following criteria is a guide for nomination and this year we have had many, celebrating contributions some new and some many decades in their making.

1. Regularity of attendance
2. Demonstration of the Club’s values of Honour and Friendship
3. Enthusiasm and contribution
4. General standing and reputation in relation to overall Club membership

Tattersalls is a broad collective that must acknowledge our leading citizens. Of course, the beauty of our environment is that those who enhance our culture do so unknowingly.

The final candidates for 2022 are:

Matthew Braithwaite-Young
John Edstein
Stephen O’Halloran 

Matthew Braithwaite-Young
Member of 12 years, Matt has been an active contributor to the Club’s committee since 2015 and is a generous and valuable support to our management team. Master of the digital realm, Matt is also the enthusiastic convenor of the Club’s Business forum which continues to grow. As an ambassador for the Club Matt is also active in the community as a member of the Balmain Rowing Club embracing the connecting power of sport, culture, community and well-being in and outside the club.

John Edstein
John a member of over 40 years fulfils each of our criteria with credit. His regularity of attendance, enthusiasm and general standing are all exemplary. John’s focus is devoted to Athletic activities but when it extends to other subsidiary clubs or functions, he is an eager and devoted contributor. His involvement in and contribution to the Zoo-to-Zoo cycling tour was highly regarded both inside and outside the Club.  John is always open to provide direct and valued professional advice to any member who requests it and to management when required.

Stephen O’Halloran
For almost 45 years, Steve has been a fine and longstanding member. A regular in the Athletic Department, a sometime Club swimmer, a keen yachtsman and an all-around contributor in the Tattersalls tradition. Most recently, a tradition of many years now, he has generously opened his excellent wine cellar to donate a dozen or so fine and rare vintages for members to quibble over – and to enjoy. Steve also prepares meticulously for the event with competition sheets and the rest. A wonderful example of someone who truly gives back to the Club and values its community.

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