Bobby Knight said it best: “the key is not the will to win but the will to prepare to win.”

And that’s exactly what Nigel, Brendan, Alecks, Brian, Dave Peter, William, Oliver, Oscar, Cole and William have pursued under the guidance of coach Michelle Martin, herself a former World Number 1.

For our Members who attend the Athletic Department on Mondays and Wednesdays evenings know that we have two Tattersalls teams playing in the largest sporting competition in the CBD- The Business houses squash competition.

And what a successful season it’s been!!

Both teams this week have made the semi-finals of this prestigious event. The Tattersalls 1 are Minor Premiers in their Division and Tattersalls 2 came second in theirs.

Tatts 1 (Nigel, Brendan, Alecks, Brian and Dave) took all before them ending up with 238 points and 23 points in front of the runners-up.

Meanwhile, Tatts 2 (Peter, William, Oliver, Oscar, Cole and William) ran up an awesome 278 points in a tight race to the finish.

Semi-finals await and what a great lead into the Australian Open for all the players, who will be competing with several of the best squash players in the world!

If you are interested in playing social squash, or getting some group coaching from Michelle Martin or even joining one of the Tattersalls teams for city houses squash, contact the team at