The world’s greatest teaser got the response we were hoping for.

There were side glances and murmurs when Jasmine first announced the new format for the marathon, then the newsletter story broke, despite spelling goggles wrong (seriously we should’ve goggled how to spell it), a new sense of excitement and anticipation filled the Athletic Department.

So what is the World’s Greatest Relay?

To keep it as simple as possible, it is a multi-disciplined event that will take place over five days from Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December with a mix of swimming, riding, rowing, and running, a smorgasbord of sports.

To make sure all Members can participate, we have made considerations for those with injuries or concerns about certain activities and we do have alternate exercise ideas for them.

The entry Price is $150 per team ($50 pp) and this will all be donated to our Charity partner which will be announced in next week’s newsletter story.

Each day will start at 06:00 with the goal to do as many kilometres over the week as possible in all formats.

So what now?

This is where the fun begins, there are just over nine weeks until the commencement of WGR 2022. This means you have nine weeks to get your teams of three organised and elect a captain; and nine weeks to start training in the pool, on the spin bikes and the ergs.

Click here to check out our group class timetable, and we recommend you commit to at least three classes a week in preparation for the relay.

With time ticking down we will provide further updates, but for now- let the fun begin!

If you have any queries about this event or would like to register your team, then please contact the team at