We wanted to express Australia’s collective sweet tooth and mania for desserts through a sweet twist to our wine menu with the addition of Australian sticky.

The only time you may have seen these sticky wines is probably on supermarket shelves. They’re not only sweet but also top the wine price list because:

  1. Firstly, they are difficult to make and a lot of effort goes into the process.
  2. Secondly, whether the grapes are allowed to shrivel to a glorious sweetness on the vine or laid out to dry on straw mats, the yields are tiny.

Here at Tattersalls, we have listed the 2016 Tahbik Cane Cut Marsanne– the Cane Cut refers to the process whereby the winemakers get the sweetness by cutting the cane that the bunches are growing from. This detached cane, now starved of water withers, and the grapes are left to hang. The water in the grapes evaporates and the fruit sugars remain, thus producing a succulent dessert wine.

There are layers of opulent and honeyed lusciousness, oh so charming on its own, or even better with our featured dish, the Crème Caramel.

Perfect honeysuckle characteristics with a bright minerality and a long stylish finish. This pairing works so well because there’s still enough marmalade and citrus freshness to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm you.

To enjoy this wine, please contact the F&B team at dine@tattersallsclub.org to book your table in the Members’ Dining room.