Flowers are a feast for the senses of sight and smell, but also, increasingly, the taste buds. Blooms are enjoying a boom as ingredients in soups, salads and cheeses, and even as garnishes for cocktails and confections. But zucchini flowers are popping up all over – not just in gardens, but in restaurants.

Zucchini flowers have a soft, delicate texture and a flavour that’s reminiscent of summer squash, ergo Tattersalls’ in their new bar menu brings you the Tempura zucchini flowers filled with lemon ricotta with almond & roast pepper romesco sauce.

These sturdy flowers have only just made an appearance and it has been a hit sensation. You don’t even need to wait till mid-summer for these ethereal zucchini blossoms. Here, the tender yellow-orange blooms are filled with lemon ricotta, then tempura battered, and served alongside a luscious nutty Mediterranean sauce.

This makes for an irresistible sharing plate, and an even greater match with our featured wine – the 2021 Allegiance Unity Chardonnay, a fresh wine that accompanies this dish with notes of citrus, and oatmeal & cashews to go with that nutty romesco sauce. To enjoy this distinct authenticity, please contact the team at to reserve a table in the bar today.