Wednesday 21 February from 13:00

In times gone by, Tattersalls swim races were the blue ribbon event.

The ultimate bragging rights were bestowed on those who took out the races on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Getting your name forever stencilled on the Tattersalls swimming board was the peak.

When the races started being postponed and then cancelled during COVID, the pool felt sadder and a little emptier.

For three years the championships have been postponed, and no new names have gone on the board to be forever honoured as swimming champion…..that is until now.

After a hugely successful comeback push led by swimming coach and mentor Ewen McDonald, we are pleased to announce that the new streamlined races are back starting Wednesday 21 February at 13:00.

The races will follow stroke correction which will run from 12:00 until 13:00, with the races commencing after.

We are encouraging all those who have ever donned a pair of Tattersalls swimmers to participate in the races, all you need is a pair of goggles and to be on the pool deck at 12:55 to register.

For the opening four weeks, we will be doing 50m time trails. Once we have handicaps determined we will progress to 100m races from April onwards.

As the races are done via a handicap system, it’s worth noting that it’s not about how fast you can swim the distance, but rather how close can you get to your nominated time.

The races aim to be fun, build community and make the swimming club great again! We look forward to seeing everyone on the pool deck!