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155 it is!

Last night's new member’s drinks evening was a celebration of progress, unity, and the vibrant diversity that defines our community. As we gathered to welcome our new members, we took the opportunity to celebrate the historic vote that welcomed women into our esteemed club 10 years ago. A highlight of the evening was Jenna [...]

155 it is!2023-09-21T14:37:57+10:00

5 more weeks until the greatest relay returns to Tattersalls

It seems like only last week we completed the first ever World's greatest relay- a multi-sports event that saw teamwork, encouragement, people pushing themselves to their limit and sledging (mostly friendly) within the Athletic Department walls. In only 5 weeks' time, we get to do this all over again, the format remains largely [...]

5 more weeks until the greatest relay returns to Tattersalls2023-09-21T09:34:44+10:00

The Ultimate Comfort Food

Great food is always available in your Members Bar & Dining Room. Hot, Cold, Warm, Mild – Perfect for any weather. Whilst Spaghetti Bolognese is unofficially the Italian nation’s favourite dinner, where does your humble Italian venture for an uplift, a treat and possibly some old fashioned showing off? Ragu. The perfect ragu should [...]

The Ultimate Comfort Food2023-09-21T14:22:09+10:00

Argentine Sojourn: Your Hurlingham Club Adventure Awaits

Situated amidst the lush greenery and rolling hills of Buenos Aires, the Hurlingham Club exudes an aura of timeless elegance. Founded in 1888, the year the Tattersalls Club Act was passed, the Hurlingham Club boasts a rich heritage that mirrors the aristocratic history of Argentina itself. Its extensive grounds, with lush gardens, tennis courts, [...]

Argentine Sojourn: Your Hurlingham Club Adventure Awaits2023-09-21T15:23:21+10:00

Stunning running series outcomes

In what was one of the hottest September days on record a few brave but primed Tattersalls runners completed the Blackmores running festival. The festival is known to be one of the world's most picturesque, taking in Luna Park, Circular Quay, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Rocks as part of the course. Tattersalls [...]

Stunning running series outcomes2023-09-21T16:12:28+10:00

Timely Call for Truth-Telling

Next session: Tuesday 31 October from 17:30. “August in Kabul: America’s Last Days in Afghanistan” by Andrew Quilty. The last Book Club iteration however was a topical book for truth-telling and the upcoming referendum. “The Settlement” by Josh Serong recounts the confronting events leading up to the settlement of the remaining indigenous clans. The [...]

Timely Call for Truth-Telling2023-09-21T16:10:24+10:00

The Professors Vino Noir

Wednesday 25 October at 18:00 Don’t miss out on our latest edition of our mystery wine evening. The last left taste buds tingling and minds buzzing with newfound knowledge. Professor Milgate has ventured into the depths of his cellar to find a range of pinot noirs for another wine adventure. The evening will explore [...]

The Professors Vino Noir2023-09-21T14:58:40+10:00

Cool climate evolution

Australian wines were not known for cool climate. You probably remember the heavy shiraz and super oaky chardonnay that were highly sought after in the 80s & 90s. But one simply needs to look at the success of Tasmanian wines over the last few decades. Like many regions, Tasmania has moved away from producing [...]

Cool climate evolution2023-09-14T17:04:03+10:00

Etiquette for a better experience

Etiquette can be defined as “the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group”. While we strive to uphold the rich traditions of Tattersalls there are times when pivots are needed to be made to ensure every member gets the five star experience that we have [...]

Etiquette for a better experience2023-09-14T17:01:24+10:00

Australia vs Wales – Join the Ruck!

Monday 25 September at 05:00 The Rugby World Cup has begun! Cheer with us over a hearty breakfast. With a horde of loyal members on a well-trodden tour of France to support our Wallabies, we wish our ‘players’ well and hope our team lives up to their enthusiasm. As the group stages pay out, [...]

Australia vs Wales – Join the Ruck!2023-09-14T18:24:19+10:00


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