The first Business Forum for 2024 saw a strong turnout to kick off the new year as a bunch of inquiring minds grazed over the fields of business and commerce, public policy and foreign affairs.

Over breakfast, the group warmed up with a review of current reading, podcasts and AI apps helping solve problems for members.

They settled in to make our annual risk and opportunities predictions. This discussion covered both gloomy valleys and sunlit uplands. Think: cyber risks, energy transmission, the productivity crisis, falling cost of green energy generation, housing supply, precious metals, ETFs, immaculate deflation – and the China-India export dilemma.

It’s no wonder Business Forum members are feeling well-informed. From our sub-club survey, participants say the most valuable benefit of the club is being able to connect the dots when it comes to trends and emerging issues. This event is open to any members willing to get up early for insightful discussions.

On Tuesday 19 March at 07:15, we return to our industry and topical review series. Some hot business topics coming up:

  • IT & Cyber Security for SMEs vs Enterprise
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence – who is using what
  • Hiring and talent trends
  • Skilled migration downunder
  • India’s remarkable export opportunity
  • Australia Sector Growth, Margins and Productivity Overview
  • Procurement and Payment Terms – why are we so poor
  • Commercial Real Estate and Leasing
  • Logistics and warehousing in NSW

07:15 Welcome Coffee
07:30 Sharp start
08:45 Hard finish – ready for your work day.