Last night’s new member’s drinks evening was a celebration of progress, unity, and the vibrant diversity that defines our community.

As we gathered to welcome our new members, we took the opportunity to celebrate the historic vote that welcomed women into our esteemed club 10 years ago.

A highlight of the evening was Jenna Hemsworth’s signature cocktail designed for the event. A previous Australian bartender of the year, Jenna’s mixology expertise charmed us all with her carefully crafted concoctions.

The spirit of democracy was truly in the air as members enthusiastically participated in voting for the name of our cocktail. The name “155” emerged as the clear favourite. Representing the 155 years it took the Club to welcome female members, it stands as a tribute to the progress and growth we’ve experienced since that monumental vote 10 years ago.

Cheers to the journey ahead, and thank you for being a part of the club.

From members:

“Thank you for allowing me to attend last night, it was great fun. I love events where people can mingle, chat and meet each other, which last night definitely achieved in a very comfortable and organic way. It was great to learn a bit about the club’s history, especially 10 years since ladies were allowed into the club, and hear how long the club had been around. Nothing I can think of to improve last night, Tattersalls did a fantastic job in my opinion.” Lauren Ryan

“I thought it was a great event, always done well by the amazing staff. The cocktail was a special treat! I felt honoured to be one of the founding female members recognised by the Chairman, and it’s great to see the membership growing in diversity.” Liz Powter

“John and I both enjoyed catching up with people last night. We thought the night went smoothly and was perfectly organised. It was a great idea that you had a photographer to record the evening in pictures.” Lyn Blackburn

“Another very enjoyable evening with much bonhomie, and a very interesting speech from Colin about the admission of women members ten years ago. Excellent cocktail too – I await with interest the release of its name!” Michael Sands

“It was a lovely event – we had a lot of fun and met some great new people” Peter Thomas