Tuesday 16 April from 07:15 to 08:30

Are you a business leader searching for insight on how athlete wellbeing can be applied to your business and how to harness a winners mindset?

Do you want to get behind the scenes of career transition from an athlete’s perspective?

Or are you interested in ways your business can support athletes?

Join us for an inspiring event featuring two high-performance athletes, Hayley Bullas and Jason Clark, as they come together to share their insights and experiences, delving into topics ranging from business strategies to recruitment tactics, from prioritising well-being to fostering skills development.

As business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking career transitions, this event offers a unique opportunity to gain fresh perspectives from the world of sports. Hayley and Jason will draw upon their journeys and triumphs, offering practical advice and innovative approaches that can be applied across various professional domains. Whether you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills, revamp your recruitment strategies, or prioritise well-being in the workplace, this event promises to be enlightening and inspiring.

Moreover, for those interested in expanding their networks to include athletes, this event serves as a perfect platform for networking and building connections. Engage with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations that bridge the worlds of sports and business.

Event Details:
Where: Members Dining Room
When: Tuesday 16 April from 07:15 to 08:30
Price: $40 per person (including breakfast)