From Thursday 25 January to Thursday 15 February

Using the recent building works as inspiration to make changes in and around the Athletic Department, the next phase of our journey begins on 25 January.

Starting from 9 am the AD Team will be bringing down all shoe racks, excess shoes that are on top and outside of lockers, squash rackets, bags that are on or around the lockers and any other objects underneath the stairwell in the AD.

This process is to ensure that the locker/storage area remains neat as well as accessible to all members and allows the Athletic Team to provide a better service for our members.

From Thursday 25 January to Thursday 15 February, we are asking all members to store their shoes and respective gear in their designated locker, if you don’t have a locker and would like one we have some available to hire on 2M.

If you don’t have a locker and wish to store shoes only, we will be giving out identifiable markings (which are removable after the 15th) on your shoes to avoid confusion.

We thank all the members in advance for their understanding and patience with this exercise.

If you have any questions regarding this process or any questions regarding lockers on 2M, please email